Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Tandem?

We are a new veterinary clinic offering wellness exams, vaccines and screenings to pets in the Greater Boston area. We are partnering with apartment and condo buildings to offer these services right where you live. We also offer telehealth options for existing customers, and we are launching a full-service clinic in Cambridge/Somerville in 2025.

Q: What vaccines do you offer?

You can see the full list of vaccines we currently offer on our pricing sheet.

Q: My pet just needs a vaccine. Do they need to have a wellness exam?

Yes, we require a wellness exam for all new patients. This allows our vet team to provide the best possible care for your pet.

Q: I scheduled an appointment for a wellness exam and vaccines. Do I need to specify the vaccines I want for my pet ahead of time?

No, the vet will advise which vaccines are recommended for your pet following the wellness exam.

Q: How much do services cost?

Please refer to our pricing sheet for current prices.

Q: What are Tandem pop-ups?

Tandem pop-ups are one-day events in which we bring our expert team of veterinary providers to your apartment building for wellness exams, vaccines and screenings. These events are typically held on weekends and evenings for convenience. Please reach out to us to check on upcoming events, or to request an event in your building.

Q: How do I get the vaccination records or lab results?

All vaccination records or lab results will be emailed to you after your visit.

Q: How long does it take for me to get the lab results?

Our screening tests are run on-site and result in under 15 minutes.

Q: Do you accept pet insurance?

We are not currently set up with “Direct Pay” through Trupanion but encourage you to bring your invoice to your insurance provider to understand if the services may be covered.

Q: Can your vets prescribe medication?

Yes, our vets can prescribe medication and send prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice. We have our own online pharmacy for convenience, where medications are shipped to your home.

Q: What if I have a follow up question or concern?

With the Tandem App, you can chat with us any time with questions. We also offer virtual follow-up consultations through our app. You can email or call (617-397-7115) us with any questions.

Q: When will the Tandem clinic open?

Our first clinic will open in East Cambridge in 2025 with more to follow. Please join our mailing list for updates!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card or mobile wallets (such Apple Pay and Google Pay).

Q: Will Tandem delete my personal data if requested?

A: Yes, if you are no longer using Tandem products and services and would like us to delete your personal data, contact us at  See our privacy policy for more details on how we use your data.